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    Since 1946, JAC's motto has been to innovate in order to assist bakery professionals as best as possible. They offer 2 product lines viz bread slicers and dough mechanization. Both are robustly built with a keen focus on innovation, future-proof technology and impeccable service. JAC bread slicers are capable of slicing a wide variety of bread types and sizes. From standard loaves to sourdough and speciality artisanal bread, these machines let you expand your product offerings. Their patented precision blades effortlessly glide through the end products, thus meeting diverse customer preferences. Rest assured, you can count on the bread slicers’ durability to deliver outstanding performance every day. The machines are equipped with essential safety features like blade guards and emergency stop buttons to ensure a secure working environment.


    Sourdough specialists:
    Experts in sourdough solutions

    Precision slicing: Slicer adjusts
    pressure for clean, precise cuts
    on artisanal bread

    Cutting-edge technology:
    Leverage the latest proven tech
    to scale your bakery business

    Yeast cost savings: Save money
    by producing your own yeast

    Dough versatility: Craft various
    dough shapes & sizes effortlessly

    75+ years of excellence: Global
    presence in over 90 countries &
    a responsive partner network

    Fermenter TL40/TL110/TL270

    Production capacity(per hr): 40-270 litres per hr
    Machine Highlights:
    1. Automatic agitation management system

    2. Automatic adjusting of stirring speed depending on the volume
    3. Low level volume alarm system
    4. Touch screen operated
    5. outlet with self scrapping system
    Produces: SOUR DOUGH


    Production capacity (per hr): 200 loafs
    Machine Highlights:
    1. Low maintenance cost
    2. Precise slicing of breads
    3. Up to 31mm slice thickness
    Produces: Tin Bread, Bread Loaf, Baguette
    Sour Dough and Bun.


    Production capacity (per hr): 250 - 500 loaf
    Machine Highlights:
    1. Intelligent slicing control for pressure and speed.

    2. Removable crum collector
    3. Double thickness option available
    4. Automatic and touchless start stop
    Produces: Tin Bread, Bread Loaf, Baguette Sour Dough, Bun

    Varia Pro

    Production capacity: 120 slices per min
    Machine Highlights:
    1. Touch screen interface

    2. Safety cover sensor operated
    3. Manual and automatic grip
    4. Speed and thickness digitally variable
    5. Teflon cutting blade for precise and clean cutting
    Produces:Tin Bread, Bread Loaf, Baguette Sour Dough, Bun


    Production capacity (per hr): 2000 cuts
    Machine Highlights:
    1. Adjustable height to cater different loaves

    2. Height and depth of the cut in the bread can be adjsuted
    3. Integrated fan for better engine cooling 
    4. Finger protection system
    Produces: Tin Bread, Bread Loaf, Baguette Sour Dough, Bun


    Production capacity: 900 pc hr
    Machine Highlights:
    Non-stick components used in cutting surface Dough can be cut in 10 & 20 portions Stressed control feature to lower the stress of the dough Flour splash prevention system