& buns

This section will take you through our innovative and comprehensive range of machines that deliver the end product in the bread and buns category of products. We have solutions starting from dividing and rounding all the way to slicing and packaging. Experience the future of bread and bun manufacturing with our state-of-the-art baking technology solutions. Partnering with world-class experts and industry giants, we bring you decades of experience, critical thinking, and technical know-how to ensure perfection. We enhance efficiency and deliver quick, accurate and hygienic production results. Loaves, buns, bagels, pav, kulcha, sourdough, and doughnuts, you will find every goodie here to add to your production line

cakes & cookies

Indulge in the sweet success of cake and cookie production like never before with innovative baking technology and automation solutions. We tailor-make our solutions to meet the unique demands of confectionery producers like you. This section covers everything you need to know about cakes and cookies, from batter management and mixing to cooling and hygienic packing. Our fully automatic machines ensure precision, consistency and flavour in every bite of your finished baked goods like cupcakes, macarons, sponge cakes, muffins, cookies, Barni cakes, Battenberg cakes, Swiss rolls and lots more!

& puffs

Elevate your pizza and puff creations with our cutting-edge technology and turnkey solutions detailed in this section. We understand the significance of achieving that perfect crust or flaky pastry, and our machinery delivers just that. With a focus on ROI-driven results, we offer automation solutions that boost production while maintaining the artisanal touch your customers crave. Our commitment to hygiene ensures that every pizza and puff leaves your production line in the highest quality. We cover a wide variety of products from croissants and pizza bases to Indian goodies like khari, bhakarwadi and sev puri too! Join hands with us for a slice of innovation, where every bite tells a delicious story.