India's first ever fully-automatic Industrial Pav/ Bun line installed in 2013

Baking Technology
in India!

Revolutionising Baking Technology in India!

India's first ever fully automatic Industrial Pav/ Bun line installed in 2013

End-to-end solutions
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Baking Industry

From sourcing to structuring to running a smooth baking setup, We want
you to relish the sweet taste of success! Our technology and specialist knowledge
in the bakery industry will simulate the solutions that best suit your needs.
Whether it is local, national, or international regardless of your size or requirements,
our 360-degree approach will ensure you fulfil your dreams and ambitions.

About Autobake

We take pride in being one of the most preferred names in providing baking solutions in the areas of automation, technology, quality management and productivity. Autobake has earned its current reputation via more than 20 years of tenacious research and development, innovation, and investment in our people, skill sets, and facilities. Our association with globally renowned brands enables us to collectively provide development and support to all our customers, however big or small. From rustic sourdough bread and comforting pavs to the heavenly cream rolls, cakes, cookies, biscuits and pastries to the addictive savoury delicacies, we are equipped to cater to every palate. Plus, we go that extra mile in enhancing the shelf life by offering comprehensive solutions in slicing, vacuum sealing and packaging. Simply put, our end-to-end solutions and services are tailor-made for our client's markets..

The best way to future-proof your baking business is to embrace innovation, automation and technology.

- Yusuf Patanwala, CEO, Autobake

Manufacture Lip-smacking goodies With State-of-the-art Baking Lines!

Every manufactured end product with our set of machines is like a symphony of separate parts coming together in harmony to deliver one common goal - A superior, perfect and accurate product that will delight consumers. Much like our senses come together to enjoy a piece of cake or a muffin. It begins with the fragrance, then the sight and finally reaches your taste buds.
Each family of products has a special process. Each process has a modular set of machines curated to work as a team. Each team is tactfully placed to tailor-make your final masterpiece... not only with superior taste but with utmost efficiency and an insight into ROIs.

Partnering with the
World's Best in Baking

We collaborate with renowned names, enabling you to serve the finest bakery products. When it comes to quality there is no room for compromise whatsoever. That's why we partner with only the best in the business. Our flexible lines cover popular as well as niche requirements, be it commercial ovens, dough mixers, dough dividing machines, cream filling machines, bread slicers, bread proofers, sheeter machines, vacuum coolers or for that matter packaging machines.

Innovation for every
Industrial Baking process

With years in the baking business, we have the edge in terms of experience, expertise, innovation, application, technology and a whole lot of passion within the team. Our broad selection of high-end machinery offers you the possibility for tremendous growth at every stage of the process. We bring our industrial baking expertise to essential products like bread, buns, hamburger buns, pavs, baguettes, sourdough bread or even sweet delicacies like cookies, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, brownies, swiss rolls, eclairs and pastries. Our machines can effortlessly make products like khari, bhakarwadi, puff, pastry, dinner rolls, croissants, pizzas, tortillas, paninis and many more!
From mixing and proofing to filling and slicing, we have perfect world-class solutions for every baking need. Our state-of-the-art vacuum cooling process can give a drastic competitive manufacturing edge and improve speed to market. The process doesn't end here. We integrate the best standards in slicing, sealing and wrapping solutions for best-in-class hygiene, thus minimising the chances of product contamination. Our end-to-end solutions are tailor-made to suit any large, medium or small bakery.

Delivered delight to
25 mid & large-sized clients in a short span of 10 years!

Flour-Filled Spaces:
Your Go-To Experts in Plant Layout Design

Crafting Flour-Filled Spaces- your Go-To Experts in Plant Layout Design

Delivered delight to 25 mid & large-sized client in a short span of 10 years!

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