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    Vacuum Cooling 

    Are any of these

    your pain points?

    Delays due to lengthy
    cooling times

    Elevated energy consumption driving up expenses

    Shortened product shelf life

    Lacks product appearance, volume, crumb structure & quality

    We have all the solutions!

    Your baked delicacies can now reach perfection faster than ever before! Autobake's commitment to innovation is further fortified by the exceptional quality of Weber Cooling with its most advanced Vacuum Cooling Technology. Embrace a new era of baking efficiency and speed where our Vacuum Cooling Systems save cooling time from 3 hours to 3 minutes! Yes! You read that correctly. Your products maintain their impeccable texture and taste while experiencing unbelievable cooling times slashed by a whopping 97%! What's more, your end product has a better shelf-life edge over the competition. Discover how our advanced cooling solutions can help you save time, effort and money while preserving the delectable quality and shelf-life of your baked goods.


    Production capacity (pcs/ hr): Cools 10-160 kg
    within 2-8 minutes
    Produces: Sour dough Bread, TIn Bread, Burger buns, Ladi Pav, Croissant, Brioche, Banana Cake, Carrot cake, Sponge Cake, Muffins 

    Why Autobake

    We take pride in being one of the most preferred names in providing baking solutions in the areas of automation, technology, quality management and productivity. Autobake has earned its current reputation via more than 20 years of tenacious research and innovation, and investment in our people, skill sets, and facilities. Our association with globally renowned brands enables us to collectively provide development and support to all our... customers, however big or small. From rustic sourdough bread and comforting pavs to the heavenly cream rolls, cakes, cookies, biscuits and pastries to the addictive savoury delicacies, we are equipped to cater to every palate. Plus, we go that extra mile in enhancing the shelf life by offering comprehensive solutions in slicing, vacuum sealing and packaging.
    Simply put, our end-to-end solutions and services are tailor-made for our client's markets.

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