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Ten years have passed since we first introduced automation in the pav and bun making process with India’s inaugural fully automatic production line from Konig. With this installation, bakers have seen firsthand how this pioneering technology has not only simplified work but also enhanced the quality and consistency of every pav and bun that is baked

The Dawn of a New Baking Era

Back in 2013, we embarked on an ambitious journey by introducing an automatic pav / bun production line capable of handling 21,500 pieces per hour. This wasn’t just about speed; it was about transforming every step—from weighing and dividing and rounding dough to placing it perfectly in trays—without a single hand touching the dough. For bakers, it meant moving towards a future where precision and hygiene took precedence over traditional methods.

Revolutionizing Bakery Manpower

Before automation, a typical pav / bun production setup would need about 44 skilled workers per shift to manage various stages of the process to produce 150.000 pieces. With automation, this number drastically dropped to just six per shift for a production of 215.000 pieces. This transformation didn’t just reduce labor costs—it allowed bakers to focus more on enhancing product quality, knowing the repetitive tasks were taken care of.

Increased Precision, Better Yield

What stood out for bakers was how the machine’s precise measurements ensured that the weight of  every piece of dough was exactly what they wanted —no more, no less. This accuracy improved their yield by more than 25%, meaning they could produce more pav and buns without wasting ingredients. For a baker, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing every batch turns out just right.

Cleaner, Healthier Baking

Perhaps one of the most significant changes was how bakers started producing pav and bun without any oil and manual handling. This wasn’t just a step up in health standards; it changed the way customers perceived their products. Producing cleaner, healthier pavs not only helped them reduce costs but also catered to the growing demand for healthier bakery products.

Sustained Growth and Expansion

The success was evident when the customer who first took the plunge with our automated line placed an order for a second one within two years. Since then, over 30 similar installations have been set up across India, each reinforcing the benefits of automation in the bakery industry.

Reflecting on a Decade of Baking Innovation

As we celebrate this 10-year milestone, it’s clear that the introduction of the automated pav and bun production line was more than just a technological upgrade. It was a shift in how we approach baking—a blend of art and science that continues to inspire and evolve. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the new possibilities and innovations that will continue to shape our solutions for the baking industry.

This reflection on the past decade highlights not just the technological strides we’ve made but also the enduring passion and adaptability of the baking industry in the face of change. Here’s to more innovations that help us bake better, healthier, and more efficiently.



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