ROTOR, is the result of a well-studied advanced technology. Baking us obtained through the circulation of clean and ventilated air, which is conveyed and distributed to the chamber by means of adjustable ducts. The baking is on trays, which are stored on a rotating trolley. The product to be baked is liked up uniformly by the ventilated air, thus providing a perfect baking.

1. economic heat exchanger with a large surface area for reduced energy consumption
2. High performance – Air flow from bottom to up and stainless steel baking chamber
3. Extremely compact
4. Digital control unit

Best used for:

Ladi pav, Fruit buns, Burger buns, Hamburger buns, Hot dog, Long buns, Jeera rusk, Fruit rusk, Tin bread, Baguette, Kulcha, white bread, brown bread, jeera butter, Sour dough bread, croissants, brioche, pizza base, puff pastry, khari, cream roll Cup cakes, FInger cakes, macarons, sponge cakes, Eclairs, drop cookies, Plum cake, swiss roll sheets, cream filled muffins, Viennese Whirls, Wirecut cookies, Atta cookies, Checkered cookies, Neapolitan Cookies (three color cookies), barni cakes, Rainbow muffins, battenberg cake, Date bar cookies, shortbread cookies, Macarons, Sponge cakes, muffins, finger cakes, slice cakes, coconut biscuits, butter cookies, danish cookies, rotary cookies, sponge sheets, swiss rolls, Neapolitan Cookies, Checkered cookies, Choco- filled cookies


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