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This is a top-class four-chamber machine for cake production!
It has four heads, e.g. two for dark dough, two for dark and light dough, and two for filling, e.g. cream + marmalade, or two colours of marmalade. This configuration makes it possible to produce a wide range of products of different shapes and lengths, among others: dual-colour with two kinds of filling, dual-colour with filling inside and a decoration on the top, triple-colour, cut with a string, sponge cake layers, cut with a guillotine with two types of filling, filled and cut with a shutter.
As the only one of its class, it has very diverse equipment, thanks to which, it is incredibly versatile and incomparable with other machines available on the market. It operates with the following types of dough: short pastry, choux pastry, gingerbread, sponge cake, muffins with filling and bits of fruit, meringue.


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